In a world with increasingly industrialized food, Eat Clean appears to drive the transformation of well-being and promote health. Focused on the nutritional production of delicious plant-based foods that seek to make a daily change in health and protect our planet.

Eat Clean, through its products, shows that it is possible to be healthy and delicious. The end result? Clean label products and incomparable flavor :)

In 2021, the brand identity was redesigned, to adapt to the new moment and solve numerous problems that the brand had, either in its reading, or in the correct perception of its quality.
Packaging redesign
The peanut and cashew nut paste lines had more than 30 labels that needed to be redesigned to correct the correct reading of the brand, the benefits of each product and the differentiation of flavors. The redesign of the labels was worked on, a flavor differentiation using simple and powerful language, to make the explosion of flavor in a spoon, a striking and recurrent sign in all packages.

In a short time, the difference was noticed by consumers and the product was widely accepted in the market, expanding its participation in the healthy food segment.

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